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Stove Repair in Randburg

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Stove Repair

Kitchen is an integral part of every household and so are the basic appliances. Stove or a cooktop make the kitchen complete. Unlike the olden days, modernization has made cooking easier with wide range of stoves, electric cooktops or induction stoves.

Gas stoves are easier to control temperature precisely and electric cooktops cook food uniformly by supplying even heat. But like every appliance, even the cooking ranges require servicing or repair over a period of time with the limitless usage to prevent fire hazard.

These are one time investment products and repairing is always a better choice than replacing, unless the damage is beyond repair.

Here are a few reasons listed which could cause damage to the stove and demand a repair in the first place. However, regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for your gas stove and hob will diminish the odds of a stove breakdown.

Most kitchen stoves have essentially the same parts and same principle mechanism.

The most basic stoves have two to four burners that differ in size depending on the model. Bigger burners distribute heat to larger pots more quickly. Burners have the feature to adjust the heat from high to low.

Burners are available in different forms based on the fuel source and stove type. Gas burners come in sealed or open setups.

Open burners can achieve maximum heat instantly as it is in direct contact with the utensil. However, sealed burners keep pans closer to the flame. Electric/induction burners are sealed under ceramic-glass cooktop surface and provide even distribution of heat than the old-fashioned direct-flame burner.

Stove Repair in Randburg

Why you need a Stove repair professional?

If the burner does not light in an open setup-conventional burner, the culprit could be accumulated dust or food debris in the burner. You can clean the stove igniter and burner holes, but if the burner still does not spark a light, you might need assistance from a professional in replacing the igniter control module.

In case of an induction stove, if the heat is not generated, check the wires connecting the igniter to the control module. If the connection is loose, or wires are damaged, you will have to get it repaired. A wiring error or accidental short circuit can also be a cause for non functioning induction stove.

Most kitchen stoves have control panel which allows you to adjust heat and temperature as required. These are typically push-type button or knobs to enable precision in settings. If the control panels don’t work right, there might be a problem in the connection. Either connection screw would have come off or the control knob might have got loosened. Fret not! A stove repair professional can fix this in no time.

Some other basic causes also include damages accessories including grills, and griddles. All of which can be fixed by stove repair specialist.

If the gas oven and gas burner both won’t heat up, the problem could be in the gas pipeline. The pipe has to be replaced with a new one. Leakage of gas can cause a catastrophe! It is very important to repair it from the certified expert.

If the oven doesn’t heat to the set temperature, the problem could be with the temperature sensor, gas igniter or heating element. If the sensor does not increase the resistance as the temperature rises, the sensor may not be functional and has to be replaced.  And heating element or gas igniter also has to be replaced if they seem faulty.

Some stoves also come with oven or warming drawer space with a door or drawer mechanism to open and close it. If the door doe not shut properly, the hinge might be unscrewed or door springs might have broken. Or the silicone gasket might have got old and damaged. All the above errors can be fixed at a stove repair centre by a professional.

Self cleaning oven can stop functioning if the door-lock motor and switch, control board and thermostat are damaged. A stove repairman can fix the issues based on the severity of the problem.

Whether or not the issue is mentioned above, we at perfect fix hire verified and experienced professionals who service and repair stoves and ovens of any brand.

Our certified professionals specialize in diagnosing the issue and getting your stove range repaired within mentioned timeframe based on the issue.

We undertake repair of appliances of all major brands like LG, Bosch and Beko to name a few. Make sure to check all our service categories and feel free to contact us for any queries related to appliance repair.

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