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Best kitchen Appliance Repairs and Plumbing near you....

Best kitchen Appliance Repairs and Plumbing near you....

Best kitchen Appliance Repairs and Plumbing near you....

Best kitchen Appliance Repairs and Plumbing near you....

Best kitchen Appliance Repairs and Plumbing near you....

Best kitchen Appliance Repairs and Plumbing near you....

Stove and Oven Repairs in Johannesburg

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Local Stove Repairs Covering Every Part of Your Appliance

This is our Stove, oven and cooker repair option, providing a service for your oven hob and stove hood, as well as the main part of your oven. We best work with makes and models of stove appliance from all of the big names: LG, Aeg, Falcon, Smeg, Defy, Whirlpool, Beko, Samsung and more. So whatever type of oven you have, even if it’s not covered on this list, simply give us a call. We’ll always have the knowledge and experience to restore it to full working order.

The heart of most kitchens, it’s essential to ensure that your oven remains in full working order. With over 100 fully skilled field Technicians, Prefectfix is open for all oven and stove repairs and hob repairs in Gauteng, we have over a decade’s understanding at the forefront of the industry to provide top possible service at highly economical prices.

As one of the biggest independent home appliance servicing companies South Africa, Prefectfix has lines of stock and spare parts in both our storeroom and service vehicles from a number of leading stove and cooker manufacturers, including Beko, KIC, Defy and many, many more. All of our Technicians are often trained in all new and existing products, let us carry out oven repairs on any make or model, and provide safety checks as standard on all equipment.

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What Type Of Stove or Oven Repairs Randburg are Available

The stove or cooker door won’t close – This could be as simple as a latch that’s become stuck and is in need of oiling or cleaning. Cracked latches can be replaced if required. Door hinges can also become dirty or rusty making the door difficult or impossible to shut. Rusty hinges will generally need to be replaced. It’s also possible that repeated heating and cooling has caused the door to move out of alignment. Sometimes this can be remedied by tightening the fittings around the door, on other occasions it may be necessary to replace the door completely. Your technician will assess the situation and advise on the best and most cost-effective solution.

The stove or oven is noisy – This will generally be a problem with the fan motor or cooling fan motor. In newer appliances this may mean that the cooling fan motor is misaligned or damaged, if so your repairman may be able to correct the misalignment or advise on the need for replacement. In older cookers this could be a bearing problem, prompt replacement of the bearing will protect the fan element itself from failing, so this is a case where attending to the problem early will prevent the need for more expensive repairs at a later date. If the noise is more of a rattle than a screech it’s possible that loose screws, faulty hinges or other parts are at fault.

The oven or stove cuts out when it’s been running for a short while – This is another of the relatively common cooker faults we’re called for. If this is a problem in a new appliance the first thing your technician will do is assess the ventilation around the unit. Insufficient ventilation can lead to overheating of elements and safety thermostats switching the oven off. In older stove or oven, the problem could be that the cooling fan has failed and the oven is overheating. A clue to this is that before the fan failed it was probably noisy. The issue could also lie with the safety thermostat or sensor located in the insulation above the oven cavity. This thermostat is designed to prevent the oven from overheating but if it’s faulty it might cut out too early.

Your Dishwasher Needs a Repair?

Stove Repairs in Randburg and Much More.

The Johannesburg locals also use us to restore washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers to the working condition. Whatever kind of appliance you have that needs trained attention.
With a 60-day guarantee on all parts and labour, you can be sure of Prefectfix to provide the best results to your repair needs, with flexible 3 hour and even weekend slots available for your suitability. Our team can even call ahead up to 20 minutes before arriving so you won’t miss our visit. Call Perfectfix Stove and Oven Repairs today for your quote.

We will make sure you have got everything you need to keep your peace of mind from start to finish. This means that like protecting the home of your property that we’re working in and tidying up after ourselves which means: That you’re protected by a full six-month guarantee service.

Qualified and skilled technicians will spot most common stove, oven Oven problems and complete speedy and competent repairs on popular home appliance models.

Get a free quote on your service today and get action on any device in your home that’s causing you problems. Most of the work we do is in Roodepoort, Fourways and all over Johannesburg, but you can also sometimes call us in because we work outside of the local area.