Washing Machine not working? Read this before you buy a new one!

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Washing Machine Repair

With the change in lifestyle and advancements in innovation and technology, washing machines have become a basic requirement of every household. They save your time and energy and require the least labor. Most washing machines available in the market today are high-performance washing machines which are highly automated and efficient.

You can get your laundry done without breaking a sweat or stressing about it. However, like any electrical appliance, your washing machine may stop working on a fine morning and you may be wondering what had happened to a machine that was working fine all these years! This is where our washing machine repair experts can help you!

Every appliance needs general servicing after a period of time and your washing machine is no different! In most dire outcomes imaginable, these automated machines may stop working due to a variety of internal issues and most of them can be easily repaired by expert technicians like us! Before you run to the market to get a new washing machine, remember, all you may be needing is a washing machine repair professional to fix it.
Whether your washing machine is a fully automatic washing machine or semi-automatic washing machine, a top load or a front load washing machine, they may encounter issues someday and we are here to fix them.
Here are some of the most common, yet major issues which we have seen during our service. Let’s start with the basics.

If your washing machine does not turn on, there might be issues with the washer. If the electricity is flowing in and the machine does not turn on, there might be issues with the power controls which need to be repaired.
Overheating of the washer motor is another issue which results in shutting down of the washing machine. If it happens frequently, you need to seek help.

 The lid switch is a small plastic piece located under the lid of the washing machine and is designed to control the stopping mechanism of the washing machine while opening the lid. If the lid doesn’t open upon turning off the machine, there might be an issue with the switch.
Timer issues, sometimes if the timer knob is not aligned with the control panel graphics, the washer won’t run.

Drainage problems are often encountered due to blockage in drain pipes which result in water spillage on the floor. Sometimes, the drain hose can be clogged with impurities collected which results in blockage. If the drain pump is jammed with foreign objects like a pen or a coin, it impacts the bearing and breaks the impeller blades, in which case you will have to get them replaced.

Right usage of detergent is an unquestionable requirement. If you use detergent more than the required amount, the machine generates suds, and excessive suds take more time in draining the water timely.
Washing machines are automated machines and can only bear a certain load as per the design. If the load is excess, the washer becomes unbalanced and does not spin properly, this results in uneven distribution of clothes and your clothes will not be washed properly.

Washing machine repair

Another most common issue is leakage in front-door washing machines around the door seal. This is mainly due to accumulation of dirt and debris at the door seal which prevents the door from sealing properly and that prevents the door from shutting down and cause leakage.

Over a course of time, drums can cause issues like leakage or balancing problems. These issues need serious help from the repair and servicing agents.
Most issues occur that in the washing machine indicate a buzzing or gurgling sound. And a noisy washer can be a result of a foreign object stuck in the wrong place. If the issue is not fixed on time, it only exacerbates and affects the machine run.

Last significant issue could be a smelly washer. Say you have just finished the laundry, but the clothes smell awful. This could be because of dead mice in the machine which might have clogged the drainpipe, or due to bacterial and mold growth in the washer which develops peculiar smell. The washer tub provides the right environment for the build-up of microorganisms which result in a decaying and form biofilm. If the issue is not treated this results in spreading the smell to your laundry.

No matter what the issue is, getting your washing machine serviced and repaired from the verified and experienced professionals is a must. We provide certified washing machine repair professionals who specialize in diagnosing the issue and get your washing machine repaired within the required timeframe based on the issue.

We undertake repair of appliances of all major brands like LG, Bosch and Beko to name a few. Make sure to check all our service categories and feel free to contact us for any queries related to appliance repair.

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