Your pending dryer repair may be making you fall sick

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Dryer Repair

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Dryer Repair

Appliances are literally the life saviors! They are built to make our life easier and stress-free. Now that we are accustomed to this modern lifestyle, imagining a life without these home appliances is nothing less than a nightmare. Gone are the days when washing machines were a luxury which could be afforded only by the high end.

Washing machines integrated with dryers have undoubtedly made our life so easier. Whether it is a fully-automatic washing machine with dryer or a semi-automatic washing machine with dryer, it saves your time at least 3x. No matter which time of the year it is, you don’t have to wait for a sunny day to do your laundry with the washing machine integrated dryer.

Be it as top load washing machine or a front-load washing machine. They follow the same principle of spinning and wringing the clothes to dry your clothes quickly using the dryer.


They run year after year as per your need, mostly without any problems. However, with the constant usage, your machine will encounter glitches here and there.


Washing machines are constantly loaded with dirty clothes, comforters or sheets that may be harboring dangerous bacteria, dust or fecal matter. Laundry detergent does not kill everything and dryers just wring your clothes to dry and not eliminate the harmful matter, which either gets accumulated in the next set of clothes or exit from the vent and then into the air. Hence dryer repair is of the essence. 

And this could be one of the reasons for respiratory discomfort and diseases as you tend to breathe the air borne with particulate matters which then leads to allergic rhinitis or the issue might worsen for people already suffering from asthama. In some cases, some might even encounter skin diseases and allergies due to dried up matter in the clothes.

Dryer Repair

Well, before you start panicking, just remember that anything can be repaired and fixed with an expert professional and so is the case with dryer repair.


There could be a number of reasons why your dryer won’t start. If the power supply cable has worn out or has become old, there could be fluctuations in supplying electricity to your dryer. If the power is not flowing to your dryer, it does not work. You can simple get the cable replaced from the repair centre.


If the machine door is open, the door switch keeps the dryer from starting. Frequent build-up of lint or other debris around the door gasket or switch prevents door from completely closing or engaging the switch, and a broken door switch can be easily replaced based on the brand and manufacturer from certified service center.


Whether your clothes do not dry or your dryer gets too hot, broken heating units will be the culprits.

Every dryer includes a number of different thermostats with same job of regulating the internal temperature based on drying cycle. If the clothes do not dry up, it could be due to broken thermostats or tripped thermal fuse in the dryer which simply stops heating. Or the heating element or the coil could be burnt due to voltage fluctuation which leads to undried clothes.

Do not fret! You just need to replace or fix them instead of complete replacement.


Every dryer includes a lint filter which collects all the lint from the clothes. If the filter is not cleaned periodically, your dryer will have to work harder than necessary.

Here a few reasons why your dryer could be noisy and hence needs a dryer repair.


Plastic glides are generally located in the front end of the dryer drum. With the daily usage, these glides wear off and cause the squeaking noise.


The blower wheel in the dryer might be clogged with lint or other objects like a pen. The dryer starts making the thumping noise when the blower wheel doesn’t spin.

The washing machine drum is supported with support rollers. When these rollers start to wear off, they can become very noisy.


Another reason for the noise could be the main belt thumping against the drum. If the main belt which is wrapped around the drum is broken, the noise could be more obvious.


When the dryer is on and you hear a buzzing sound or no sound at all, the motor must be seized. The issue can be fixed by replacing the motor’s start capacitor, or the motor itself based on the diagnosis.


A broken washer causes spillage of water on the floor. A dryer venting tube can be a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and fungi. Water from the washing machine will be thrown out through these pipes. Moisture can build up in the vents and ducts when air passes through. These microorganisms become air-borne and lead to a multitude of breathing problems or skin problems. A routine servicing of your washing machine dryer can eliminate all the possible problems rather than replacing the entire unit.


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