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Expert Dishwasher Repairs Professionals

Are you facing problems with your dishwasher? PerfectFix offers top-notch dishwasher repair services in Johannesburg, catering to your needs without breaking your budget. Let’s delve into how we can help you!

With years of industry experience, Perfectfix has become the go-to company for commercial and residential dishwasher repairs. Our certified technicians work with efficiency and honesty to save you both time and money.

  • Appliance Diagnosis by Certified Technicians: Rest assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Affordable Dishwasher Repair Costs: We provide same-day or next-day service to get your kitchen back in order quickly.

Best kitchen Appliance Repairs and Plumbing near you....

Best kitchen Appliance Repairs and Plumbing near you....

Fresh and Clean -Revive Your Dishwasher with Perfectfix

Join Johannesburg’s most trusted domestic appliance repair company, Perfectfix. We’re well-acquainted with various dishwasher brands and models, ensuring seamless service. If you’re dealing with a faulty dishwasher, we’re always ready to assist, whether it’s an emergency dishwasher service, routine check-up, or ongoing maintenance.

  • Emergency situations
  • routine check-up
  • repair & care of your washer
  • maintenance and support

Our professional repair service specialists give back your dishwasher wholly conditional and turn your dishes bright and clean!

Top Brands and Models of Dishwasher we Fix

Our technicians have exclusive access to all the leading brands of dishwashers available in the market. Our engineers and technicians undergo regular training sessions to improve their knowledge and stay up-to-date with industry-leading technologies and advancements.


We always call you 30 minutes before arrival to ensure you never miss the visits by expert engineers. 

Say goodbye to stinky dishes -get in touch with Perfecfix dishwasher repair service! 

Expert Technicians Ensuring Top-Quality Dishwasher Repairs

Stop thinking of replacing your dishwasher with minor glitches when you can fix them. We are at your service. Resolve your dishwasher issues and let it function at its full potential in the future. Collaborate with Pefectfix dishwasher repair at competitive washer repairs prices!

Why choose Perfectfix Dishwasher Repair


Spare Parts

Expert Technicians

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Professional Dishwasher set up -Dishwasher Repair Parts

We perform the repair & care of your dishwasher swiftly. If the repair work demands extra spare parts, we offer you genuine spare parts from trustworthy manufacturers at a fair price with no extra delivery fee. 

  • The repair engineer carries with them dishwasher repair parts. 
  • We also sell spare parts if you need for urgently.

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The Dangers of Ignoring Dishwasher Problems

Feel free to call us if your dishwasher encounters any of these issues.

  • Loud noises
  • Machine is leaking
  • Foul odour
  • The appliance does not spin
  • Electrical issues
  • The dishwasher does not heat up efficiently
  • The soap dispenser fails to open during a wash cycle

Book your dishwasher repair service today!

Fast and Efficient Dishwasher Repairs at Competitive Rates

Our service engineers are likely able to repair your commercial dishwashing machine. Your broken dishwasher is in safe hands to perform repair and service. 

  • Fair dishwasher repair cost
  • Economic repair
  • 3-12 months guarantee on all repairs
  • No hidden charges and hidden costs
  • Professional service by approved technicians. 
  • Run safety tests before handing the dishwasher to you!

Types of dishwasher repair we undertake

Perfecfix dishwasher repair technicians are innovative and straightforward people who always go in hand with new technology and innovations. We are well-versed in performing washer repairs.

  • Drawer dishwasher
  • Built-in dishwasher
  • Freestanding dishwasher
  • Compact dishwasher
  • Countertop dishwasher

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When soap dispenser fails to open during a wash cycle, or your oven refuses to heat, remember Perfectfix is just a call away. We’re your one-stop solution for all professional appliance repair needs.

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Your Questions Answered on Dishwasher Repairs

Perfecfix has our network coverage over a vast area in South Africa, including Randburg, Fourways, Bryanston, Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, and Parkhurst. 

Regular service and maintenance help prevent your dishwasher from re[airs and prolongs its life and efficacy. Schedule regular maintenance and save your dishwasher from issues escalating.

Perfecfix offers fair dishwasher repair cost and has a 3-12-month warranty assured for all the repairs and dishwasher repair parts.

We offer comprehensive service and repair for all types of dishwashers, including drawers, countertops, compacts, and many more!

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