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Fridges are one of the few home appliances that run day and night in the house. Fridges last for many years without any major faults or damages. But, if proper care is not taken, your fridge can start displaying signs of trouble and may need repairs. Since it is an appliance, we know that we can’t do without even for one day, we must get it repaired as soon as any problem is found.

To book a repair you can call our friendly team of advisers on  0710705767 / 0112197226. You will pay one fixed price charge which includes the call out to your home, labour and parts. If Perfectfix fridge repairs technicians find that your fridge freezer is beyond economical repair, we’ll give you a full refund for no fridge repairs.

All fridge and freezer repairs are done in the comfort of your own home on a day to suitable to our clients. We have a team of fridge repair experts nationwide, who offer same day, evening and night visits, available 7 days a week, all over Johannesburg. On the day our technician will give you a call to let you know they are on their way.

Our one-off repair comes with 60 days guarantee on the fridge repairs problem we are coming to fix, but we also offer a professional fridge repairs service with 60 days protecting clients against other faults including general breakdown.

Why Repair from PerfectFix?

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Is your Fridge is making unusual sounds or noises? If a whizz or uncommon sound is noticed from a fridge that is either constant or keeps coming up from time to time, well, this is one of the caution signs that your fridge needs repair. However, it is vital to be able to identify between the normal sounds and strange ones to avoid confusion.

Refrigerator not cooling or food items inside your fridge don’t remain as cool as they used to?

If you find out that the food items stored inside the fridge aren’t as cool as they used to remain earlier, then this too may be a caution sign for fridge repairs. This means that the fridge is not able to keep the proper temperature, and something is not right. This is a sign that the appliance is making use of more energy than it should. This means you are spending more money than you ought to. In this case, you must book an appointment as soon as possible for your fridge repair.

condensation in your fridge is a warning sign for fridge repairs? an additional sign that your fridge is asking for servicing or repairs is when you notice condensation in it. This means the water starts collecting inside the fridge since it is unable to maintain the right temperature. You must not let this issue or problem persist for a long time and book for an appointment with the fridge repairs service centre today.

Do you spot water under the fridge? If you ever notice water under your fridge then it is wise to not take it lightly. For this could be either due to mold growth or problem in the rubber sealing around the door. In fact, this could be a leakage from the fridge which again is a source of concern. As a fridge owner, make sure you call a Perfectfix fridge repairs technician and get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

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Constant power cycling of the refrigerator? Constant power cycling a fridge problem that needs to be checked by a qualified fridge pairs technician since it can lead to other bigger repair issues. In most cases, due to blockage, dirty condenser coils can lead to constant on and off of the fridge power which an expert fridge technician can check and see how best to resolve such problems.

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You can use us for washing machine, dishwasher, oven, tumble dyer and repair all across Randburg including Fourways, Sandton, Roodepoort, and Krugersdorp and more. Are you worried that we might not be available in your part of the world?

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