Is your Refrigerator healthy?

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Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator is one of the appliances that continuously runs in your home, be it day or night, it always keeps your food cold and prevents spoilage. Refrigerator is a life savior of modern lifestyle. A kitchen is incomplete without a fridge. You can store all perishable items in the fridge to extend the shelf life.

The refrigerator has differing moisture content and temperature which does not favor the growth of most bacteria’s and this reduces the foul taste and odor.


In spite of all the continuous run, your refrigerator might start breaking down once in a while. Have no fear! You have our Refrigerator Repair experts who can fix almost all your appliance troubles. You do not have to replace them and invest lump-sum money again!

Here are few reasons for refrigerator breakdown you might not know of:


When an icemaker stops working or does not produce ice cubes or produces only small cubes, it might be due to inadequate supply of water. The tube which supplies water to your icemaker might be plugged with ice due to low water pressure, which then freezes trickling water and plugs the tube before it reaches the icemaker. You can get it fixed by clearing saddle valve in a matter of an hour from a certified repair expert.


Most refrigerators and freezers are frost-free. Frost buildup is melted by the heater at different spots and thermostat automatically switches to a cooling cycle to maintain standard freezing temperature. If the cooling effect is not achieved, thermostat might have broken down and can be best left to a professional  Refrigerator Repair person to fix it.

There are many reasons why your fridge might not cool down or maintain cold temperature.

If the ice-cream melts down in spite of freezing or juice doesn’t cool, there might be loss of electricity due to broken capacitors.

Your refrigerator might be working just fine, but the power cord might have worn out due to an electric surge or an external force like a rodent which might have chewed onto the cord which leads to improper supply of electricity. 


Inadequate supply of cold air into the unit might be due to blockage of vents in the fridge and freezer compartment which resist the flow of cold air.


Water leaking on the floor may be due to leak at the inlet valve which needs to be fixed by tightening the compression nuts. If the leakage is in plastic or copper pipe, you will have to get it replaced.

The supplied water drains into a drain pan under the fridge where it evaporates. In some refrigerators, drain pan is made of rubber instead of metal and cracked pan, causes leaks. Or rusted metal pans also can leakage of water.

Water might also leak into the compartment below or onto the floor if the drain tube in the freezer gets clogged. You can get this fixed by hiring repair expert. You just need to get the pipes unclogged and melt the ice buildup.

The condenser coils might have reduced the supply of needed airflow due to blockage.

The condenser fan push air through them, coils on the back of a fridge create their own airflow as they heat up and dust buildup can slow the fan. Or blocked fan, or broken or bent fan blades can also be the culprits for restricted air flow.

You need to get your Refrigerator Repair at least once a year to keep it running like a brand new.


Noisy refrigerator while running might be due to the compressor under the fridge, condenser fan motor under the fridge, or evaporator fan motor inside the freezer.

There are different levels to diagnose the abnormal functioning of the refrigerator. If the compressor and fan motor is loud, you can get it fixed by replacing it with a new one.


The evaporator fan motor might be the noisy culprit if the sound gets louder when you open the freezer. Call a professional service person to replace the motor.


A number of refrigerator problems can stem from the simple opening and closing of the door. If the cold air escapes from the refrigerator, breaker panel or refrigerator gasket (which is rubber seal) might be broken or cracked. This might also be the reason why your food doesn’t get cold sufficiently and it leads to loss of energy which in turn leads to excess electricity bill.


The refrigerator door jamb includes a small push-button switch which operates the light inside the refrigerator every time you open it. If the switch is malfunctioning, refrigerator light can cause cooling trouble in the box. And another reason could also be a burned out bulb.


If you don’t run your refrigerator for a certain period of time for whatever reason, or due to electricity failure, moisture levels elevates and leads to mold formation in the refrigerator. This might be the reason for foul smell.

Microbial contamination leads to various health issues and it is advised to keep the refrigerator clean and get it serviced from a certified expert once a year.


We at Perfect fix also replace and fix broken glass shelves, racks, refrigerator drawers and side doors of the refrigerator. Call our Refrigerator Repair expert today.


We provide certified professionals who specialize in diagnosing the issue to fix any issue and repair your refrigerator within required timeframe based on the issue.

We undertake repair of appliances of all major brands like LG, Bosch and Beko to name a few. Make sure to check all our service categories and feel free to contact us for any queries related to appliance repair.

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